Essay on Responsibility – Meaning, Tips, Benefits.


Responsibility is that which we are expected to do; it may also be the way that you are supposed to behave or act. For example, parents may be-be expecting that when you go to play in the park, you will be playing in a way that will not hurt you.

When a person acts responsibly, or do things that they are responsible for doing, there are positive consequences for the acts. These are things that happen as a result of the actions you take. When you become responsible for you, get a positive outcome for the actions, and when you are irresponsible, you feel the negative pain and the consequences of a poorly done work.

Tips on How to be a Responsible Person

Responsibility does not by being born a responsible person. This is a virtue that you acquire as you grow, age, go to school and make progress in life. Here are a few ways of becoming responsible.

  • Stop making excuses for yourself. Anytime that you make a mistake you should own up to the error and don’t transfer the blame to another person or something else. You should be in a position to explain the failure.
  • Stop complaining. People who complain usually talk too much but make little progress. You should be slow in words but quick in acting.
  • Learn how to manage your finances. One of the responsibilities a man can do is to take care of the finances they receive.
  • Avoid procrastination. The most successful people are very hardworking that enables them to succeed in all aspects of their lives. Don’t waste time.
  • Be consistent and keep to your schedule. You should follow a routine; it will be good. This will help you to have order and ensure you are on the right track.
  • Ask yourself why you want to be a more responsible person. When you find a purpose for actions that you take, you will rarely slack and make excuses.
  • Set realistic expectations and don’t overcommit yourself. If you always overcommit yourself, then you are going to be overwhelmed by many things and all will not be done.

The benefits of being responsible

The moment you do that thing you had promised to do, people say you have become responsible. This becomes admirable because people do not like to deal with irresponsible people.

  • You become confident. When you become responsible, it means that you have the power to make things better. Doing the right things produces in you the influence to produce the right outcome.
  • You solve problems. You become responsible you find it easy to solve problems that may arise.
  • You experience great relationships. People will give you an easy time when you own up to your mistakes.
  • You become a role model. When you are responsible, you teach others good habits.
  • Improved decision making. When you are responsible, you will start making good decisions.
  • Commitment. When you are responsible, you become more committed to the things you are given.
  • Develop strong willpower. This develops when we make an effort to achieve the goals set.


Becoming a responsible person entails a lot of things as consciously being able to make decisions and conducting yourself in behaviors that will seek to improve oneself. Being responsible can help you achieve many goals in life and many objectives. That helps you to have principles and morals that will help you to lead your life.

By Winnie