Short Essay on Robot

A robot is a machine that is made and designed to execute specific tasks automatically with precision and speed. There are many different types of robots just as there are many various tasks that they can perform. Robots that are resembling humans are called androids, though many robots are not designed to look like humans. Industrial robots are designed differently because their work is to perform tasks repetitively not facilitated by human-like construction. Robots are grouped sometimes according to the time frame when they were widely being used as the first generation robots of the 1970s, second generation of the 1980s, the third generation of the 1990s and the present generation. These are more sophisticated with intense programming and speech recognition.

Advantages of using robots in our life

Robots are widely used because they offer accurate and quality work and rarely make mistakes. Here are some benefits of using them.

  • Robots can perform tasks faster than humans. They are more accurate and consistent.
  • Robots can go far down than humans. They can go places down where humans can crunch.
  • Robots are automatic. Robots can work without being interfered by humans.
  • Robots can produce products. They are useful in industries for assembling cars.
  • Robots can endure hostile environments. They cannot be affected by planetary atmospheres.
  • Robots can reach the nadirs of the earth. They can be used to dig for gold and depth of oceans.
  • Robots can do time-consuming and repetitive tasks. They have not affected b factors like the humans, and their parameters can be adjusted.


Ever since the first robot was introduced in America in the 1960s, the technology of robots has been improving. There have been many advantages of robots from then. The advancement of using robotics has also made them more widespread in various industries that have started using them for various reasons. The benefits of robots have become more noticeable especially in the production industry, safety, saving money and time. The list of their advantages does not have an end.

By Winnie