Respect for elders – Essay

Respect is a positive action or feeling that is shown towards someone or something usually considered to be essential or has been held in high esteem or regard. Respect conveys a sense of admiration for some good or valuable qualities and is also the process of honoring someone by showing concern, care or consideration for the needs and feelings they have.

Respect for elders can be through assisting them or just playing an essential role in their social life. In most societies, all individuals are considered to be significant until they are proven otherwise by the society. Different courtesies are usually considered to show respect, with some gestures.

Ways of respecting the elderly

The elderly people have a lifetime of experience. These sage humans have a lot to teach us about life and enduring change and also handling the adversity of life. Even though their memory and hearing has changed from what it was in the past, the elders have a lot of wisdom that they can impart to us. Here are a few ways we can appreciate and recognize them:

  • Spend more time with them: Most of the older adults are lonely as they may have lost their spouse or retired from the work they are doing. They need a social cycle that is rich to help them get happiness because over time they can easily get isolated.
  • Be polite: By being polite to an elderly, you show respect to them.
  • Ask them for advice: Ageism exists unfortunately even though the wisest people are the elders. It is a big shame to think that an elder who has much wisdom would be overlooked.
  • Eat together with them: Eating together with the elders is one of the most exceptional social customs that humanity can invest in. It is a good way that one can use to catch up and have fun as well as nourish their bodies.
  • Listen more: Ensure you listen more because the words they speak come with decades of experience.
  • Visit them: It is a great show to bring the community where they are.
  • Give them a call: Though we cannot reach them in person, we can call them.

What is the importance of respecting elders?

Someday you will be an elderly person, and you will demand respect, here is some importance of resecting elder.

  • There is much that elders can teach us: There is much that elders can teach us if we let them leach us.
  • They deserve it: Their age deserves respect.
  • Role model: Someday you will become an elder, and you will feel well if young people treat you the right way.
  • You need the elders more than they need you: Because you need their experience. They have already been to the place you want to go and have already done what you want to do.
  • It’s a sign of compassion: It is necessary since some of them would feel useless. Empathy is a trait many cultures values.
  • To learn from their experience: When they feel loved they will be free to share.
  • To learn customs: Elders pass traditions and cultural heritage.


We should be learning a lot from elders and gaining a lot of knowledge from the wisdom they have. We should be having respect for their values and morals. I fear a lot for the future generation because they are treating with disdain. Respect for elders is a virtue that many people have taken for granted by many individuals that do not regard those who have a higher power.

By Winnie