Short Essay on First Aid

Even though first aid is a term used when describing the process of helping injured or sick people, it is also a term that originates from first aiders. The history of first aid is unique, with it dating back to 1099. An order of religious knights was trained to perform medical treatment. Later in 1792, the French Army Surgeon formed the first army medical corps. The medical officers were trained to work in the battlefield and their task was to administer first aid to the wounded on the battlefield. These officers were also in charge of removing the casualty from the fighting grounds.

The need for first aid continued to grow and changes in the medical field soon happened in the 1800s, when the British Red Cross and St. John Ambulance was formed. These big changes soon helped the term “first aid,” come into creation in Britain in 1878. The word was derived from the words “first treatment” and “National Aid,” by the British. After the success of the first treatment, Surgeon Major Peter Shepherd and Doctor Coleman, took over the first public first aid course at Woolwich Presbyterian Church in 1878, in London. Today the first aid work that is performed comes from the beginning years of the Red Cross, a humanitarian organization that provides help to people who have encountered natural disasters. It is a term that many people have used to give them the drive to pursue a medical career. The term “first aid” has given people around the world a new kind of respect and admiration for the medical field.

They are not just words or words that describe an action taken when helping someone ill or injured. They are words that give passion to those who love to help others who cannot physically help themselves. This is a term that is important to those who knows what it means to give help and ask for help. “First aid” is a term of historical meaning, but provides the constant help that needs, with appreciation given around the world.

By Leatra