Short Essay on Globalization

The passing years have brought a new way of governments and people communicating with each other. The economies between governments in the world have created opportunities for many countries to trade goods, collaborate in investments, and even integrate technology with each other.

Globalization is a key to growing businesses in the 21st century. It is the integration of national economies through trade, technology, labor migration, capital flow, and other means of making countries around the world money. This way of living in the world has paid off for many countries, while others are still trying to survive with what they have. However, what has helped the world grow to become better at globalizing is technology. This ever-growing trend is something that is taking over every country and continues to inspire bigger and better ideas worldwide.

One example of globalization benefiting the world and businesses around the world is through the travel industry. With the airlines being able to partner with the hotel industry and car rental companies, economies will see a rise in profit. However, not every country or business has enough to globalize with other countries and businesses and therefore economically suffer because of it. Globalizing is important for everyone because it is a way to better the economy of the world. Even in some of the poorer countries, globalizing helps the people greatly. It does not just help with bringing more money to some of these economies, but more jobs as well. With the popularity of certain businesses opening up around the world and globalizing with other companies, this creates the opportunity for more jobs to be created.

Globalizing in many countries will also bring many people from being impoverished to being middle-class citizens. Over the years families have seen how the globalization of countries and businesses has paid off and this is why it continues to help companies thrive for a brighter future. With technology continuing to take off, it will be easier for companies to globalize with growing economies being in full swing. Globalization will only stand to create more jobs and opportunities for people around the world to do better.

By Leatra