Short Essay on Malnutrition

Do you like to watch what you eat? Or are you someone who likes to make sure that you don’t eat too much of the wrong kind of food? Malnutrition has become a growing concern over the years. While some people overindulge in junk food, others do not eat enough vegetables or fruit. Malnutrition which is a dietary deficiency affects 159 million children worldwide. Leading to delayed growth, undernutrition comes from a lack of food being taken in. The undernourishment of the body can be stemmed from a chronic illness or an eating disorder. Malnutrition also involves the lack of vitamins, minerals, and essential substances being taken into the body. This deficiency is such a problem, that if there is a lack of Vitamin C, that it can cause scurvy. Scurvy causes many issues with the body, including anemia, exhaustion, and loss of teeth.

The World Health Organization has reported that scurvy is a worldwide problem, with 462 million people being malnourished. Unfortunately, once malnourishment touches children, they are at risk of having long-term health issues. Being malnourished also slows the recovery from other illnesses, such as malaria, measles, diarrhea, and pneumonia. Some of the symptoms of this deficiency include tiredness, irritability, cold feelings, and inability to concentrate. The fight against malnourishment is something that people around the world should take seriously because it is something that affects children every day. As long as the problem goes unsolved, children will have children who are malnourished.

The health of children will always be an issue with the chances of continued problems in the coming years. Without the treatment of malnourishment, more severe issues will take over the body. Some of these severe problems include difficulty breathing, the thinning or drying of the skin, and dry or sparse hair. These issues have become even more severe in third world countries with children who live in poverty. However, for malnourishment to be stopped, governments have to come together to create a plan for the world to stop it. Without this simple understanding of creating a plan, the world will always be in danger of malnourishment.

By Leatra