Short Essay on Mount Everest

Mount Everest is a tourist attraction that earned its recognition as the tallest mountain in the world in 1841. Named after Sir George Everest in 1865, Mount Everest is located in the Mahlangu mountain range. The first attempts ever made to climb Mount Everest was made in 1921. There was also an attempt made in 1922, but this attempt was made by a British expedition team. In 1924, another expedition team consisting of two members, George Mallory, and Andrew Irvine attempted to climb the mountain before being engulfed by the bad weather at 800 feet from the summit. Mallory’s body was found in 1999, but there was no proof showing that either of the men ever made it to the summit.

However, there were climbers who saw success at the top of Mount Everest. In 1953, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing were the first climbers to ever stand at the top of the mountain. Ever since these climbers were successful in climbing this massive mountain, other climbers have learned the best times to climb it, which is in May and in a short time in September. These months are known as the “Summit Window.” Today, there are around 800 people each year who attempt to climb the mountain, but the success of these climbs have only been attempted by 4,000 climbers.

Even though there are professional climbers who climb Mount Everest, not everyone who climbs it is a professional climber. However, ever since the first attempt to climb to the top in 1921, there have been over 250 lives taken by Mount Everest. The most recent and most tragic deaths that have happened in the history of Everest, happened on April 25, 2015, when an earthquake of a 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal and the surrounding areas, causing an avalanche at the base camp. The avalanche killed 22 people. Although this mountain is historic and well known, it is still one that many climbers are willing to conquer. Many people are willing to risk their lives, even though the reputation of the mountain is known. However, even with the reputation, many still pursue their dreams of climbing.

By Leatra