Short Essay on Organ Donation

Are you an organ donor? Do you believe in donating an organ to someone in order for them to have a second chance at life? Organ donation has come to help people who have really needed help over the years. It is something that can be done whether you are dead or alive.

Even though the medical field has made many breakthroughs for multiple conditions for hundreds of years, the first organ transplant was performed in the 1950s. Dr. Joseph E. Murray performed the first kidney transplant between identical twins in 1954, in Boston. This breaking success of an organ transplant not only led Dr. Murray to win the Nobel Prize for medicine but another breakthrough in 1967 by Christian Bernard, a young South African who performed the first heart transplant. However, organ transplants did not always help patients. Many patients’ bodies rejected the organs and left the patients open to infections. To fight against the body rejecting the organs, the drug Cyclosporin was created. This is a drug that was made in 1978, but since then, other medications have been made to help with the rejection of transplanted organs.

Organ donation has become such an importance to the medical field that during the years when it was first performed, it was only for the kidneys and liver. However, now that death isn’t just determined by the heart, it is now possible to have transplants done for the heart, lungs, pancreas, and intestines. For these transplants to happen, a person would have to be determined brain dead. The history of the medical field has shown that organ donation and the technology behind it will only become more of a success. We are in a time where finding ways to transplant organs will only become better with fewer limitations. The world will continue to have very high accomplished breakthroughs in the medical field. Organ donation will continue to be what saves the lives of people all over the world. It is something that will give the world a chance to appreciate medical growth for human life.

By Leatra