Short Essay on Piano

For many years, people have enjoyed the beauty and sound of a piano. The history of the piano has grown to be just as elegant as the music it creates. Starting out as a dream of having a new kind of instrument to fill the ears of music lovers, the piano was invented by harpsichord maker, Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori, in Italy, in 1709.

However, many historians debate the exact date the harpsichord maker actually invented the piano. Even the layout of the first original piano looked different. While the natural keys were black, the accidental keys were white. Cristofori’s invention of the piano was supposed to be an improvement to the harpsichord and clavichord. Both of these instruments looked like today’s modern piano. However, the harpsichord was too delicate and could not be used for the performances in large halls. The harpsichord was also often drowned out by the other instruments during certain performances.

Many believe that the piano was invented to combine two instruments into one. It is believed that the piano was meant to combine the loudness of the harpsichord with the control of the clavichord. The name of the piano was known as the pianoforte. In Italian, the piano was originally called, the gravicembalo. However, after being invented, many had still called the piano the harpsichord, for many years. In 1732, the pianoforte was shortened and called the piano. Even though the piano is something that has changed the way music is embraced, it went unknown until 1711. Italian writer Scipione Maffei introduced it in an article, which soon led others to create their own pianos. One piano builder who helped with the creation of the piano today was Gottfried Silbermann. He built direct copies of Cristofori’s piano but added the damper pedal, which is still used today on the elegant instrument. The world has seen the creation of the piano become adored and a favorite in musical performances. Even though pianos are underrated in some ways, it will always be an instrument that music lovers embrace.

By Leatra