Short Essay on Uses of Water

Water is something that is necessary to have. We need water for drinking, cleaning, and even for outdoor use. It is something that every person and animal needs to survive. A transparent, odorless, tasteless, liquid forming seas and oceans, water is also used for brushing your teeth, watering the lawn, washing clothes, and preparing food. One of the most vital resources for all life, water is not always available in places on earth where it should be. However, there are different kinds of water used for many different things other than the daily and basic usage.

Some of the different kinds of water usage include:

  • Commercial Water – This water is used for hotels, motels, businesses, civilian and military institutions.
  • Domestic Water – This water is common and used for everyday use. Domestic water is used for home, drinking, flushing toilets and washing dishes.
  • Industrial Water – Used for transportation, manufacturing facilities, dilution, and processing, industrial water is mainly used for steel, chemicals, paper, and petroleum refining.
  • Irrigation Water – Used for farming, pasturing, and for horticultural crops, irrigation water can also be used to irrigate public and private golf courses and parks.
  • Thermoelectric Power Water – This is water used for the production of electric power to generate heat. The heat can be from fuel fossils, nuclear fission, and geothermal.
  • Public Supply – This water is withdrawn by public and private water suppliers and delivered to people for domestic, commercial, and industrial use.
  • Mining Water – This water is used for naturally occurring minerals. Some of these minerals are coals, ores, gases, and crude petroleum.

Water is important to our day to day living and is not only something that is used for drinking and building but is 60 percent of the adult human body. The water contained in our body is important to have and is a vital part of life. It is something that will always be needed for everything we do. From drinking and preparing food to using water to build things, water will always be the most important natural resource we need in the world.

By Leatra