Short Essay on Value of Beliefs

What are your beliefs? Do you believe in mankind loving the creator of all? Or do you believe that the world is what we have made it? The world has grown to value their beliefs with the yearning to learn and believe in more. An acceptance of a true statement or a trusting faith, beliefs is something that we all have and value. They are important to us because our beliefs make us who we are. However, beliefs are not only things in involve what you believe to be true about the world, but also what you believe about work, school, and even how others should behave.

While some believe that being professional in a work setting will help them go far, others believe that they will be noticed regardless of how they act. Beliefs in life come in many different ways and for many different things. Beliefs are valuable to some but respected by few. Unfortunately, whether you believe in the good of mankind or perfecting yourself to be a great worker, you will always find someone or a group of people who are against you. Some people even push the boundaries of your beliefs by testing you with the things they say or do. These people often test the beliefs of others because they have doubts and insecurities about their own beliefs. However, many do not understand that life is nothing but a belief. Your belief is what helps you decide the difference between right and wrong. Either you believe what you do and how you treat others is right or not.

Whatever your belief is, consequences will come from whatever you believe. If you believe that you can do wrong by others, then wrong will come to you. However, if you believe that others should be treated fairly, then you will be treated fairly as well. There may be challenges in your life that pushes your beliefs, but you should never forsake them unless you believe changing your beliefs will make you a better person.

By Leatra