Short Essay on Wildlife Conservation

Over the years, the world has seen a great decline in certain lives of many wildlife animals. Many organizations and special groups have fought to keep wildlife protected and have even created fundraisers.

The practice of protecting animal species as well as their habitats, wildlife conservation has been successful partially through the Endangered Species Act. This Act protects public lands as well as animal populations by restricting human activities that may harm animal species and their environments. These public lands, which include parks, work to promote wildlife conservation by providing adequate food, water, and space for reproduction.

However, wildlife conservation is something that has grown to be a worldwide issue. From the United States to Africa, wildlife animals and their habitats face danger every day. International agencies have been developed to work with each other to protect animals throughout the world. Communities have been encouraged to protect the wildlife, by working with these agencies to report traffickers. The on-the-ground safeguards, which include training rangers and sniffer dogs, work hard to protect endangered animals from traffickers and others who wish to harm these animals.

Wildlife conservation also plays a role in balancing the ecosystem along with providing stability to the natural processes of nature. This is why it is important to help with saving wildlife when you can. Helping endangered animals like saiga antelopes, spectacled bears, and snow leopards will help with making sure these animals are protected. Since the starting years of the fight to protect wildlife, organizations around the world have been successful in recovering animals all over the world. Some of these animals include black rhinos in southern Africa as well as black bucks in the Himalayas. In the coming years, the danger of animals becoming more endangered will become greater, but with the work of organizations, wildlife, and their habitats will always be protected. The push of communities doing everything they can to protect wildlife is something that will have to continue. Whether doing community events or having fundraisers, a community should help the wildlife whenever they can. Working with each other is the only way to save wild animals and their habitats.

By Leatra