Short Essay on Winter

If you don’t know what winter is, this is a season which is coldest in the polar and the temperate zones. It is important to know that winter does not occur in the tropical zone.

Winter happens before spring and after autumn every year. This season is caused by the axis of the earth in the hemisphere being positioned away from the sun. Since it happens differently among different cultures, they define it based on the weather. If it is winter season in the northern hemisphere, in the southern hemisphere, it is summer. In various regions, this season is associated with snow or cold freezing temperatures. Winter solstice happens when the sun’s elevation concerning the North or the South Pole is at its negative value. This means that the sun is far below the horizon when measured from the pole. When this occurs, the days are shorter while nights are longer.

There are very facts worth noting about the winter solstice.

Occurs on December 21 Utc: Winter solstice varies each year, and it usually falls between December 20 and 23rd. December 21st, as well as the 22nd, are common dates.

It happens briefly: Winter solstice occurs at a specific time and date. However, it corresponds to the time the North Pole is farthest away from the sun.

It is the longest night and shortest daytime: As the winter solstice approaches daytime hours seems to be shorter and shorter while it is the opposite with the night hours which seems to be longer and longer.

Sun stands still: This word summer solstice translates partially as sand standing still. The word is solstice is derived from a Latin word solstitium which means sol meaning the sun and the other part meaning making a stand.

Your wintertime doesn’t have to be a dull cold indoor time anymore, there is a lot to do, a lot of events to attend, that you will get spoilt for choice. It’s not a time for watching TV anymore. Go out this winter season, get yourself busy, make new friends, and get to learn a lot more fun facts that are not listed here. Eventually, you will discover that you had for long wasted fun moments with each winter season that previously came and went.

By Winnie