Necessity is the mother of invention – Essay

“Necessity is the mother of invention” is an old proverb that had been used in different contexts over and over again. Its underlying meaning is that due to necessity man is compelled to exercise the power of invention. If it were not for the needs of human beings most of the inventions, we enjoy today would not be in existence. The major inventions and discoveries that have been made over the years have all come about due to the necessities of human life and the need to make the world a better place for habitation. As human beings, when we are in dire need of something we will always find ways to ensure that we satisfy that need.

Greatest inventions in history

Over the years, many inventions have been made. Some of the greatest inventions that have changed the world include:

  • The wheel. The invention of the wheel enables humans to transport a large number of items over long distances which was not possible before.
  • The nail. The invention of the nail favored construction as buildings could now be built in a more secure and solid
  • The compass. The invention of the compass enabled mariners to be able to find their direction and navigate through unfavorable weather during their voyages.
  • The printing press. This invention facilitates the publishment of books in large numbers, therefore, promoting literacy.
  • The internal combustion engine. It converted chemical energy into mechanical energy which is used by motor vehicles and aircraft.
  • The telephone. The invention of the telephone was highly significant as it provided a faster and more effective means of communication across long distances.
  • The light bulb. It provided a source through which electricity could be used for visual purposes.

Disadvantages of Technological Inventions

Technology has witnessed the highest level of inventions. However, some have caused more harm than good. Some problems of technological inventions include:

  • Data security. Private information is stored on the internet. This makes it easy for anyone to access the data. A simple breach could be fatal.
  • Crime and terrorism. Terrorists are now using social media to promote themselves and encourage others to join them.
  • Digital technology has made it complicated to solve small issues like fixing a car due to the sophisticated technology.
  • Privacy concerns. There have been concerns about information stored on computer-based systems due to hackers and cyber attacks.
  • Digital media manipulation. Technology has made it very easy to edit photos and videos.
  • Social disconnect. Due to social media platforms, people no longer have time for social interactions.
  • Job insecurity. Most jobs can now be done over the internet which causes job insecurity.


All in all, inventions have made modern life simpler. Less manual work is required thanks to technology. Jobs creation in some cases is also due to these inventions. It is inevitable that human needs keep changing over time. Therefore, it is expected that inventions will continue to take place over the years, as new ways are required to satisfy the evolving human needs.

By Winnie