How to keep fit and healthy? Short Paragraph

As the competition is increasing in every field, staying fit is no more an option, but a choice you have to make to survive in the long race. These days you will come across every random person who is either talking about staying fit or discussing the journey they will take towards getting fit.

Here is a list of things you can do to stay fit and healthy:

Start your morning with a hot glass of water with lemon: This detox water will not only give a kick start to your day, but also ensure that you burn a lot of extra calories.

Go for an early morning jog/walk: Early morning jogging is the best way to catch up with your daily exercise and can also help you to calm your mind.

Eat your meals on time: Skipping meals or eating at random hours can be bad for your health, rather fix a time schedule and stick to it.

Drink a lot of water: It is necessary that you consume sufficient amount of water as it will help you to consume a lesser amount of food.

Do some exercise: It can be Yoga, Zumba, and Aerobics or simply by going to the Gym. Make sure you do at least some form of physical activity. It can be also in the form of outdoor sports.

Prefer stairs to lift: Lift is an easy option, but stairs are the best way to do a quick warm-up exercise.

Don’t overdo on sweets: Consumption of sweets is fine until the time you are having it in small quantity.

By Revaa