How to keep our environment clean? – Short Paragraph

With the increase in pollution level, it is time that we do something about keeping our environment clean. A small initiative from everyone can be a bigger step towards achieving our goals. Even though it feels next to impossible to clean all the waste we have generated over years, it is better we start taking some actions now.

Here are a few ways by which you can keep the environment Clean:

Clean your surroundings first: Everything good starts with a smaller level, its better you take a small step first before taking a long leap.

Use pool cab services to go to office: This will not only save your money in fuel, but will also save the environment from air pollution.

Don’t purchase unnecessary things: Products are only manufactured when there is a demand for it in the market. If a person only buys the things which are necessary, the mass production of so many things will stop.

Don’t use pesticides and chemicals in your garden: When you use pesticides and chemicals in your garden, it depletes the land quality and contaminates the groundwater. Switch to organic manure instead.

Use cloth bags instead of polythene: It takes more time for a polythene to completely dissolve, whereas cloth bags can easily be recycled.

Save electricity whenever possible: Every time you switch off an extra fan or light in a room, you save a lot of energy.

By Revaa