How to save energy? – Short Paragraph

Everything is in this world is in limited reserve- the faster we utilise it, the sooner we would exhaust it all. When we talk about using less energy, it is not a mystery to anyone that the natural resources are almost coming to an end. Keeping control over the utilisation of energy will not only keep us safe for long, but will also save you a lot of money.

Here are few effective methods to save energy:

Turn off lights and fans whenever not required: Leaving the lights and fan even after you leave a room will not only get you a long electricity bill, but is just a waste of energy.

Prefer ceiling fan to AC: Many of us prefer to sit in an AC room during the summers! It is advisable cool the room with AC for few minutes and then use then switch to fan. Ensure that the doors and windows are shut when you are using the AC.

Replace the bulbs: Today you can easily purchase a bulb which consumes less electricity or are even smart enough to switch off when the room has excessive outdoor light.

Use energy efficient appliances: It’s better to invest a bit more in purchasing the energy efficient appliances rather than paying a lot more in your electricity bills.

Get solar panels installed if necessary: Sun is one of the major sources of energy if you could store that energy to generate electricity. It will not only be cost effective, but will be a major step towards saving the environment. There are many situations in which government gets free solar panel installed and give you money to save energy.

By Revaa