Ideal Teacher: Short Essay on Qualities of an Ideal teacher

A teacher is someone who has the responsibility of teaching students in a school. They are the people that impact students with the knowledge, skills, and values. A teacher is an educator.

Training is required for a person to become a teacher. Even so, in as much as they undergo training, not all teachers are ideal teachers. This begs the question, who is an ideal teacher?

Understands the needs of every student

As an educator, different students will have different needs. They will all have diverse ways and pace of understanding things. Therefore, a teacher should take a step and try to cater to each student’s needs and particularly those that need extra attention.

Excellent disciplinary skills

Teachers have to come up with healthy ways of disciplining students. Also, they need to understand the diverse personalities they are dealing with because students will respond differently to different disciplinary activities. The means that what the teacher chooses should work for the betterment of the students.

Is sincerely interested in the development of the people under them

Taking up the profession of a teacher is something that a person needs to examine themselves before they choose it. It is not a means to an end. It is a calling to nurture people’s children to become productive individuals in the society. Therefore, one should value their development more than the money they get at the end of the month.

Strives to be in touch with parents

Being a teacher goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. Communicating with a student’s parent can help both parties to make the best out of the child. Each party can get information that will give them an advantage when handling the child.

Has an engaging personality

An engaging personality will always make the students feel delighted to learn under a teacher. It will help them interact with you freely and create an enabling learning atmosphere. If a teacher is dull and always wear a frown, no student will be free to associate with them. The results will be a disengaged and fearful classroom of students.

An ideal teacher needs more than the skills they learned while in training. It is more than knowing the curriculum.

By Lorah