Short Essay on Cashless Economy and Its Advantages

A cashless economy is an economy where all transaction processes take place without the use of physical money. It is an economy where people use cards and electronic gadgets to pay for goods and services. The world is catching on very fast when it comes to transitioning to a cashless economy. Within no time, the use of physical money may come to an end worldwide.

Transforming to a cashless economy is an act that is full of benefits and societies will see positive changes. Technology is moving us so fast towards this era and society is getting more ready for the cashless economy.

Advantages of the cashless economy


Convenience is the best thing that this economy is going to give to us. One will no longer have to worry about whether or not the money they have on hand is enough. They will also not need to go through the hassle of heading to banks or ATMs to withdraw money. Everything will run smoothly at all times with no trouble.

Eliminate the use of counterfeit money

People in the world have become desperate, and they are going to terrible lengths to earn a living. That is why in some nations, there are criminals who know how to make fake money. With electronic payment methods, there will not be an avenue to use counterfeit money.

Offers excellent tracking of expenditure

The ease of tracking one’s spending is also one of the best things about this type of economy. There are so many times when one spends their cash, and when they try to account for their expenditure, they are unable to do so. However, thanks to the world going digital, people will be able to track down where their money went to at all times.

Better transparency

Transactions that are carried out electronically offer better clarity. The reason is that when one uses paper money to pay, the person on the receiving end may not record it. Therefore, accountability may be questionable. However, electronic transactions will always be recorded automatically. When you need to produce accurate records, you will not have any problems.

The cashless economy will set a lot of things straight and help the society in so many ways.

By Lorah