Short Essay on Child Labor

A number of countries often face the problem of child labor, which drastically affects the literacy rate of that country. Child labor is using children for work in a business or in an industry. This is considered to be illegal and exploitative in a number of countries. By employing children for work, one deprives them of their childhood and it can interfere with their regular activities like attending the school – which is mentally and socially harmful as well.

A child is referred to as a child labor when he/she is under the age of 15 years and is involved in a work that is depriving them of a regular childhood and their dignity. A number of people often get confused with child labor and child work but the former is quite harmful when compared to the later.

There are many ways in which child labor can affect children and these depend on the industry a child is working in. Let us know have a look at the ill effects of child labor.

  1. Children who are working in agriculture related sector can be exposed to a number of harmful and life threatening pesticides and fertilizers.
  2. Kids who work in fields will have to work using a number of sharp tools or blades, which can cause physical harm.
  3. In the construction sector, children not only carry heavy loads but also use machinery without proper training. This can cause severe injuries.
  4. In manufacturing sectors, children will have to make use of solvents or perform a number of tasks in the same position, which often leads to pain.
  5. Children when employed for domestic work, work for long hours and also live away from families.
  6. A number of children are even abused when they work as child labor. This ruins their entire life.
  7. Children are forced into child labor to earn and the parents themselves take away the basic right to study and live a better life.

There are a number of stories about children who wish to study but are unable to. Let’s all stand united against child labor.

By Maanasi