Short Essay on Equality between Men and Women

In today’s dynamic world, women have proved to the world that they are capable of achieving any kind of feat under the sun. Girls and boys should be provided with equal opportunities when it comes to education or employment. Women’s empowerment is not aimed at fighting against men over pay issues or superiority egos. It is just to prove to the world, that women can do much more than merely being cramped into the kitchen 24/7. We as women always have a life outside the four walls of the house.

Women actors, astronauts, educational pioneers, drivers, college lecturers and entrepreneurs have broken this particular stigma that we can only manage homes. Can you ask a man to cook dinner for you the moment he comes home from work? The answer here, is an absolute no.

A glimpse into six even-paced advantages of introducing gender equality among nations:

  • Productive work force comprising of young men and women is always an amicable one.
  • Work places get innovative ideas from the women force as they think laterally, emotionally and practically at the same tangent.
  • Multi-tasking is easier said than done. Women are expert in balancing the work life and home. This way, corporates can benefit with the agile multi-tasking abilities of women.
  • Disposable income of households improves. Kids get the best of everything.
  • Saving plans for girls and boys can be mobilized in a hassle-free manner.
  • The fun-element at the places of work is a lavish one when equal employment opportunities are shared between men and women.

Equality can also be introduced when it comes to inclusion of more women directors into the film-making industry. Women centric subjects can be included to movie themes so that domestic abuse or violence among nuclear households be minimized to the bare minimum. These pictures or even documentaries can make the men folk realize the importance of women in their life. This way, they treat women with greater respect.

By Maanasi