Short Essay on Gender Discrimination

What do you understand by the term ‘gender discrimination?’

Striking inequalities among men and women based on their gender is what is broadly classified as ‘gender discrimination’. Quite a lot of places discard men as well. For a receptionist’s job, females are given preferences. You want to listen to a softer lady voice at the other end of the phone. Call centers again prefer women crowd. Teaching faculty want more of women teachers. Factory outlets prefer men against women as it is a general perception that women lack the stamina or vigor that men have. This is as far as operating machinery equipment is concerned. These are some of the striking instances where gender discrimination is followed against men and women, across the world. Men and women have equal potential and caliber to perform any kind of jobs. You should see talent beyond the glass doors.

Few striking disadvantages of applying gender discrimination in places of employment:

  • Companies do not get ample talent and a versatile resource pool.
  • Discrimination of employment opportunities among men or women can lead to economic and social outbursts.
  • Meritorious performers never get a chance to showcase their talents or potential .
  • Constant tug of wars happen when men receive fatter salaries than women for the same kind of job.
  • Conducive work atmosphere can never be created if firms or corporates favor employees based on their gender.
  • Strictly curbing maternity leaves to the women population can again lead to a fall-out as employers lose the women working force.

We have discussed quite a lot of important factors surrounding gender discrimination and also seen how this can affect the smooth functioning of the economy.

By Maanasi