Short Essay on Go Green

Going Green means covering the earth with green vegetation, planting trees, taking environment friendly measures. Global Warming is not a hidden issue to anyone. The time when it comes to saving our Earth, the least we could do it to start saving the natural resources. It takes a single step towards achieving the greater goods. The atmosphere is contaminated by chemicals and acids in a greater extent that the only step we can take from now is a step backwards. It’s time we quit/ reduce the usage of plastic, chemicals and creating the waste, which is not easily disposable.

Although we hear every now and then about recycling and reducing the waste, how often do we actually imply that in our life? Here are a few steps which will help you to “go green”:

Save water whenever possible: As we all know, water is the basic necessity for the survival. It is very important that we reduce the consumption and use it only when it is required. This also means cutting down a few minutes of your shower.

Quit wasting food and refuse to buy preserved food: When you purchase food from the local store, you not only get fresh product but also save the resources which are used to preserve food.

Pool a cab: Driving to office in your car can sound comfortable, but pooling a cab will not only save you a lot of money but also save the environment.

Buy only what is necessary: At times we go overboard with our shopping and buy many useless things. Make sure that you only purchase the necessary things.

These are the basic steps which are not only good for the environment, but can also improve your lifestyle.

By Revaa