Short Essay on Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a posh lifestyle is not all about wearing ultra-modern clothes or the most expensive stilettos in town. It is more about keeping yourself hale, hearty and healthy. To maintain a fabulous lifestyle, you need to maintain a healthy diet. What goes into your body is ultimately what radiates from within.

You also need to exercise every day in order to keep yourself fit. Avoid high calorific diets like sodas, carbonated drinks, French fries or even pizzas. These contain trans-fats that can invariably get choked into your arteries or veins. The fats get clogged into the heart muscles that can cause coronary disorders. Rarer cancers are even impacting the younger generation of today because you consume high-end adulterated and canned foods. None of us hardly realize what goes into the making while fast foods or junk foods are prepared.

Few simple and straightforward tips on how you can maintain a healthier lifestyle:

  • Include at least an hour of walking. Getting fresh oxygen is what your body greatly needs.
  • Swimming, aerobics, dance and yoga can stimulate your metabolism. This way, lifestyle diseases can be kept at bay. These include diabetes, ulcers, cancer and pneumonia.
  • Include fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily intake of food. You can munch on almonds or cereals instead of French fries or puffs. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Wear loose-fitting cotton clothes during summers. Keep your winter clothing simple. This way, your body can breathe. Heavier clothes can leave you suffocated at the end of the day.
  • Avoid smoking. It is also better that you keep yourself away from passive smoking. Passive smokers are susceptible to lung disorders too.
  • Instead of having hard-drinks, switch over to freshly prepared juices. Musk melon, water melon and cold orange squashes can give you the high plus keep your body hydrated.
  • Above all, maintain a diet chart to keep a tab on your calories. This way, every time you consume junk food, you get a red alert. Download apps on your I-phones or Androids which can give you a beautiful track record of what you eat and how you can exercise to get rid of all that excessive fats.

Maintain a healthy life style and live life to the fullest!

By Maanasi