Short Essay on Indian Culture

India is well known globally for its culture and every citizen of this country respects its culture. The Indian society too is designed based on cultural standards and the person who follows it receives respect and gains a very respectable image.

Indian culture is not only loved by Indians, but is equally liked by people from other countries as well. The supremacy, the divinity and the influence are now spread to every corner of the world and it is a perfect blend of ancient and the modern India.

Let us now have a look at the features of the Indian culture.

  1. The people of India follow different castes and people from different castes follow different living standards.
  2. Though Hindi is the most widely spoken language of India, people from different states speak different languages. People here are free to speak the language they choose to.
  3. The country is characterized by major religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Muslim and Sikhism. Each of the religion again has its own traditions, cuisine and different dressing styles.
  4. Respect too is one of the characteristic of the Indian culture. Both men and women of this country have a very respectable position.
  5. India is also known for its unity and the integration. Despite of different languages, religions and traditions, people are always united. They always stand by each other in times of difficulties and sorrows.
  6. The country is also known for its Sanskrit literature. The glory Indian literature is beyond something words can ever explain.
  7. The Indian culture is also quite famous for its matrimonial system. Married women often wear sarees, sindoor and a mangalsutra. Muslim women are often seen wearing burkas.

The above mentioned are some of the prominent features of the Indian culture. Even in the modern era, people still are true to their culture and follow their traditions by heart.

By Maanasi