Short Essay on Painting as a hobby

Painting is known as a favorite pastime of many. But it has also been endured as a vocation and as an occupation for centuries. Painting is also one of the most enjoyable hobbies one can have.

Painting need not always be an endeavor of an artist as it comes with a good number of health benefits as well.  It is known to have therapeutic effects of those who practiced it. People can also use painting to improve their mental as well as physical strength.

There are a number of reasons why you need to pick up that paint brush as an hobby. Mentioned below are the top 7 reasons for the same.

  • When you paint, you concentrate on the subject or try and improve what you have already painted. This way, you focus and your concentration increases.
  • You might just be a beginner, but with time and practice you will find that your motor skills have sharpened.
  • Painting is a great way to relax. As you focus on your subject, the stress gets relived and your entire body feels calm and relaxed.
  • Painting also boosts creativity. Paintings are always the painter’s mode of expression. Artists always yearn to create a stunning masterpiece and boost their creativity in this process.
  • People can communicate even their deepest thoughts with the help of painting. This is one healthy release of one’s emotion.
  • You need to think a lot when painting. Like for example, which brush you need to use, which color to use and so on. This improves your critical thinking skills.
  • Painting also improves your self-confidence. Once you know that the hard work you have put will give you good results, you feel motivated. This way you also see things with a very positive mindset.

The above mentioned are just some of the benefits of painting. Just choose painting as an hobby to experience them all by yourself.

By Maanasi