Short Essay on Poverty in India

Poverty is one of the major problems faced by our country India. Poverty can be defined as the social condition where people lack finances to meet even the basic standards that are required to lead a life. People who are facing poverty do not have money to even pay for the basic needs like “food, clothes and shelter.”

There are a number of factors that can lead to poverty. People living under the poverty line do not even have the money to even meet their daily calorie intake. It is also said that about 70% of the poor population reside in rural areas.

Let us now have a look the factors that often lead to poverty.

  • One of the major causes of poverty in India is the ever increasing population. With increase in population, the demand for goods increases and makes them even costlier.
  • Poverty can also be caused due to lack of agriculture. India as a country has a lot of people who are into farming.
  • The low rate of economic development can also cause poverty. When there is a gap between the goods availability and the consumption, poverty occurs.
  • The unemployment in the country is increasing day by day. This in turn causes poverty.
  • Another major cause of poverty in India is the shortage in able entrepreneurship.
  • A number of social factors also cause poverty. The social step up in India can be termed as backwards still and people are not often used to fast developments. A number of social factors like caste, customs and traditions are also leading people towards poverty.
  • Poor developmental plans may lead to unemployment and poverty.

The continuous and the rapid rise of the prices too have increased the miseries of the poor.

By Maanasi