Short Essay on Rainy Season and Its Importance

Most of us, especially the farmers eagerly wait for the rainy season every year. Rains are important as they fill our lakes and streams with water – the water that we use and need every day for various purposes. Not only the humans, water is essential for animals and plants as well.

Rainy season is the time we get an opportunity to make good use of the renewable resource, as it plays a very important role in food production. But it is also important to note that nothing in this nature can exist by itself for a long time. When we have a resource like water, with it comes a very huge responsibility. We have never given our best to manage the natural resources we have and this is time we do so.


Mentioned below are a few points that explain why the rainy season is important to all of us.

  1. We all need water for drinking and rains provide us with the fresh water we need. With a timely rainfall, streams too get filled providing a new lease of life to aquatic animals.
  2. Rainy season that brings in adequate amounts of rain and our rivers and lakes get well stocked during this season itself. The soil too absorbs the water and this in turn increases the water levels in the ground.
  3. Rains naturally water all the trees and the plants and make them look healthy and fresh.
  4. Rain water is also stored in dams and is also used to produce hydropower.
  5. Agriculture and farming are the two main sectors that are very much dependent on the rainy season every year.
  6. Rains are a part of a natural process called as the hydrologic cycle. During this cycle, water from the ocean is transported to land and the water via rain gets back to the ocean again.
  7. The importance of rains on the land can be better understood when we take the example of desserts like Sahara Dessert.

Rainy season is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Some people also believe that getting drenched in the first rain of the season brings in good luck.

By Maanasi