Short Essay on Save Animals to Save Yourself

‘Save animals to save yourself’ is a true statement that is based on the interdependence of animals and humans.

There are lots of organizations that stand for animals rights whether domestic or wild. They have come to the understanding that animals are a necessity for survival on planet earth. That is why they call upon people and nations to save animals.

They balance the ecosystem

The living organisms of the world have an ecosystem that connects them on different levels. Animals are a significant part of the ecosystem. They help it to remain balanced under all circumstances. When we do not take care of our animals, and they die continually leading to extinction, the ecosystem will be out of course. We will have adverse effects. Remember, animals are also a source of food.

By becoming vegetarian, you become healthier

This reason is a perfect one and a great motivator for becoming a vegetarian. Vegetarians do not support the killing of animals for food. Therefore, to a significant degree, they preserve animal life. In doing so, they are also sticking to healthier eating habits that prove to be more nutritious and with loads of benefits.

Wild animals are a great source of revenue

Wildlife tourism is a significant contributor to the growth of a nation’s economy. These animals are capable of attracting tourists from across the globe. As tourists trickle in, the country’s economy grows and become bigger and better by the day. There are so many things that can attract people to a state, but wildlife keeps leading the charts.

From animals, you can tell when there is a problem

When there are negative responses from animals, it is a clear indication that there could be trouble. For instance, when the marine life is threatened, and they begin to die, we can tell that there is a problem. The water supply may be in jeopardy leading to all these problems.

All these and many more are reasons why we need to take care of the animals regardless of how small or ‘insignificant’ they may seem. They are of value, and we do not have to wait for them to die so that we can know their value.

By Lorah