Short Essay on Save Mother Earth

Save Earth or Save Mother Earth is a slogan that is used to create awareness in people about the importance of our plant. The slogan motivates the people and campaigns are launched to save the planet and its natural resources. This is important we need to provide the future generations a safer and a greener planet to live.

Like the great saying goes, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”, the present generation needs to start taking measures to make sure the future generations have a healthy planet. To raise the awareness, 22nd April of every year is also celebrated as the International Earth Day. This is being celebrated by all the countries from the year 1970.

The pollution levels are increasing day by day and so is global warming. And, global warming can also lead to the end of life on the planet. Mentioned below are the 7 ways you can Save Mother Earth.

  1. Start by planting a tree. With the population increasing day by day, more and more trees are cut for various purposes. It is time we plant a few trees to make our planet green again.
  2. Water is essential for the sustenance of life on the planet. A number of countries are presently fighting drought and thus is makes it important to save water. So, change your habit of using water unnecessarily.
  3. Use paper only if required. By reducing the unwanted use of paper, you are indeed saving a number of trees from being chopped down.
  4. If you wish to Save Mother Earth, Save Electricity too. Make sure you always plug-out any electrical when not in use and make use of energy efficient bulbs for lighting.
  5. You can reduce the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere by making use of renewable energy fuel.
  6. Waste is almost everywhere and hence make a habit to recycle the waste.
  7. Do not use plastic bags, start taking the ban seriously.

So, it is time we promise ourselves that we would save our planet and make it a better place to stay.

By Maanasi