Short Essay on School Magazine

A magazine is a type of print media that gets published on a periodic basis. The publication usually carries different information depending on the target audience. Therefore, when the target audience is the pupils in a particular school, it will be called a school magazine.

Airs the voices of the students

A media publication such as this is perfect for airing the views of the students. It is a chance to let the students speak what is in their hearts without any fear. Students do not only have negative things to say, but there are so many constructive things they can talk about.

Creates a link between the school and the society

School magazines also give the community a chance to be in touch with the school. They will always be up-to-date with what is happening in the school and the progress that the school is making by reading the magazine. The society can read the magazine and know the list of events and projects for the term or the year.

A source of income

The school magazines can also form a perfect source of income for the school. They can set a certain amount per magazine and market the product to parents and the society around the school. The school can also sell the magazine to the students at a standardized price. The money can go to the same course or other things.

A platform to nurture talents

Some students are talented or wish to study about print media as they grow up. Giving them opportunities to exercise their skills during the creation of the magazine will help them. It will sharpen their skills and expose them to the realities of the industry. Other than that, others can get slots for writing whether articles or poems and other literary publications.

Boosts healthy competition

You can have different sections where students are appreciated for various things such as performance, discipline, cleanliness, talents, and so on. Because students will want to feature in the magazine, they will become competitive, and this is the start of a motivated lot.

School magazine has so many things that it can do for the school and everyone involved. Therefore, schools should adopt them.

By Lorah