Short Essay on Seasons

Changing seasons are characterized with changing landscapes, arrival of festivals, blossoming of the new weather and lots more. Spring brings joy to most parts of the country. Flowers bloom full-length. You find wild-life landscapes all bright and fresh. Spring is a nature lover’s paradise indeed. Flowers invite bees, butterflies and fun-loving birds. Animals throng too. Feb mid, March and April are typical spring months.

At the Indian sub-continent, you can discover the following main seasons.

  1. Spring
  2. Summers
  3. Monsoons
  4. Autumn and
  5. Winters

Summers are hot scorching days. However, you do not lose momentum when the days are hot and sunny. Beaches are usually crowded during this time of the year. You can also plan short drives to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. A cool dip in the water with a chilled glass of lemonade is how you can ward the heat, off your body. Summers are between May, June and July.

Monsoons bring rains to the country. Dams, rivers and reservoirs overflow at this point of time. These water-bodies supply water to all parts of the country. Mid July, August and September are monsoon months.

October and November are typical autumn months. Leaves fall off the trees. You have a windy weather at this point of time.

Winters are absolute cold months where people prefer staying indoors. Some parts of the country receive snowfall too. December, January and Feb mid are the coldest months of the year in most parts of India.

Few fabulous pointers on seasons:

  • Plan up your vacation trips at the apt season. Flower blooming season happens in Ooty and Kodaikanal during April.
  • Seasonal fruits like mangoes and jackfruits are available aplenty during the summer months.
  • Winter months can be a fabulous season for the skiing crowds. Kulu Manali and Shimla provide opportunities for skiing and snow-viewing.
  • Monsoon season can be a fabulous retreat for nature lovers. Lush flowers and leaves outshine after a spell of rain.
  • Animals and birds re-visit their hubs during the spring time. Bird lovers can have a fabulous time at this time of the year.

Know more about seasons and enjoy the natural habitat at its maximum.

By Maanasi