Short Essay on Summer Vacation

Summer might not be the favorite season of many, but students do look forward to this season as it brings them a lot of holidays. Summers are also related to education – well students complete their academic year before their summer breaks. A number of students till date wait the entire year for these summer breaks.

A number of families not only plan a vacation, but some students get a chance to pursue a hobby of their interest. Summer breaks refresh the minds of both the parents and the students. Both get a break from the hectic schedules they have followed and will be following once the school reopens.

Mentioned below is a list of reasons why students need to summer vacation.

  1. Students get a chance to get out of the 10 months of school work and timetables. Well, their brain needs a break too.
  2. A number of students work part-time during summer breaks so that they can start off with some money in their bank accounts once the school re-opens. Well, you only have two months to pinch every rupee to save.
  3. Students who love to relax can take a break from their regular routine and visit a place of their interest. Plan a fun time with your friends and spend a weekend having camp fire or hiking. You have indeed earned yourself, such a holiday, don’t you think so?
  4. If you have always been busy with your academics, summer breaks are the perfect times when you can catch up and spend some quality time with your near and dear ones.
  5. Students can also enroll in a number of activities or summer camps and learn new things.
  6. Summer breaks gives the much needed time for the students to think about their future. They can plan and create strategies for the coming academic year.
  7. Well, finally it is summer and students certainly needing the time off.

So, what would you like to do during your summer vacation? Do let us know.

By Maanasi