Short Essay on The Impact of Technology in Education

Technology is one of the best ways to educate students in classrooms, and that is why schools are making an effort to adopt the use of technology. There are so many benefits that technology has for students and teachers.

Impact of technology in education

Better performance

Technology helps a lot of students perform better in their academics. It offers numerous ways of making a lasting effect on the minds of students when used to educate them. For instance, it is highly engaging. Therefore, when it comes to exams, students find it easier to remember.

More interest in academics

One of the things that made a lot of students ‘hate’ school was the fact that it was boring. Even so, the use of technology revamps everything about learning making it fun. Because students can use devices like tablets, laptops, smartboards, and so on, they become more interested.

It helps imparts more knowledge than what the teacher is teaching

As these devices are used in class, students also get to learn about other things. For instance, they learn how to operate the machines used. They explore the technological world without any hindrances. When they are out of school, they will be technologically savvy. For some students, the only free interaction they get with technological devices is in class.

Offers better resource sharing

When technology is in use, students no longer have to share hard copies of study materials. Now, they can get an unlimited number of resources as soft copy materials quickly. The sharing or acquiring of resources proves to be cheaper and convenient.

More advanced and flexible ways of learning

Technology has made it simpler for people to study conveniently. Now we have online courses that people can enroll in from anywhere in the globe. Therefore, we can see technology breaking all sorts of barriers.

The teaching ‘burden’ has become easier

Teachers are also enjoying the advantages of technology. Giving assignments, collecting, and grading them has become quicker. They can disseminate information and study materials a lot faster, and even have online assessments.

Investing in technology for educational use is a sound and brilliant move. Therefore, schools have to do the needful to enjoy the benefits.

By Lorah