Short Essay on Uses of Animals

Animals are beneficial for human beings as well as the ecosystem. They are a significant part of our daily lives as they play different roles. Since time immemorial, animals have been used for various purposes. Both wild and domesticated animals have their use.

Different uses of animals


A lot of people have pets. People keep all kinds of animals as a pet, and these pets offer companionship. Such animals include cats, dogs, snakes, bunnies, hamsters, monkey, and many more. Cats and dogs are the most common pets, and they are excellent to play with and chill with. You can enjoy walks with dogs and many games.


People also keep animals for security purposes, and dogs are the best at this. There are so many breeds of dogs. Even so, there are those that are specially trained to offer security at all times. Maybe they are so excellent at what they do because they are protective animals.

Source of clothing

There are so many types of fabrics that come from animals. We have wool, silk and leather fabrics that are used to make stunning garments.

Source of accessories

Some accessories come from animal skin and hove such as shoes, belts, bags, purses, and so on. Some of the animals from where the skin comes from include alligators, snakes, crocodiles, and a few others for leather.


Animals such as horses are still in the transportation business. We also have camels that are common in desert lands.

For certain works

Specific animals are also excellent at farm work as they are used for plowing farms. We have animals like bullocks.

For entertainment

Other animals are trained to entertain people during shows and other events. For instance, some animals can dance.

Source of manure

Animal waste is healthy for the growth of plants and vegetables. Therefore, you can always use it for the fertility of the soil instead of opting for manufactured manure.

These are some of the brilliant uses of animals.

By Lorah