Short Essay on West Bengal

West Bengal is a state that is situated in the Eastern part of India. Quite ironical, isn’t it? Bengal was partitioned into East Bengal and West Bengal at the time of independence. East Bengal is now Bangladesh while West Bengal stayed in India.

The rich values and traditions still prevail in the state. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal. The city of Kolkata is also known as the ‘City of Joy’. Festivals are rejoiced here like none other. You can also discover a fascinating hill station that is within the realms of West Bengal or WB. It is none other than Darjeeling.

Few highlights of the state are presented to you in the form of bulleted points:

  • Bengali is the local language that is widely spoken by the residents of the state. English and Hindi are spoken by locals to the tourists out there.
  • You discover that the topography of the state of WB is a flat one. This is also one of the major rice-growing areas of the nation. You find that the overall environment surrounding the state is always lush and green.
  • You can easily commute within the length and breadth of the city as you discover wide roads and railway lines. Buses, trains and even trams are available aplenty.
  • West Bengal stretches from the mighty range of the Himalayas up until the Bay of Bengal. If you head towards Darjeeling, you would be enamored by the lush greenery. Towards the south, you can discover a number of beaches.
  • Rasgolla and Misti Doi are sweets that are unique and are available exclusively in West Bengal.
  • The people of West Bengal are tourist friendly. You find all kinds of people thronging to the city center. These are immigrants from Odisha and Jharkhand.

Having discovered the major high lights of West Bengal, when are you going to visit this part of India?

By Maanasi