Short Paragraph on Diwali without Crackers

India is a land of festivals and while talking about Diwali, everyone’s eye lit up with the excitement to burn crackers, but is it worth all the air and noise pollution? In the joy of celebrating the festival, we have mixed the concept of lighting our surroundings to burning an endless number of crackers. The amount of money people spend on buying crackers can feed thousands of people for at least a week.

In this world of wide possibilities, we have endless ways to celebrate the day. We can celebrate the day by exchanging customize greetings, giving sweets to your loved ones, making beautiful rangoli, decorating your house with flowers, diyas, lights and sharing happiness.

Cracker free Diwali is not only a way to revive the true spirit of the festival but also to save the earth from getting more polluted. Next time when you look forward to this festival, spread light and happiness rather than polluting environment and creating useless noise.

Say “NO” to crackers and embrace the festivals of lights by eating sweets and cracking waves of laughter.

By Revaa