Short Paragraph on Freedom is Life

Freedom is a basic right of any human being and it not only implies to being free but also an opportunity to think and make your own decisions. There are many countries and people who fought for years to get themselves independent from the rules of other people. When we do not have freedom, we feel trapped and unhappy to live our life. Freedom is to get respect and feel the part of the society at the same time.

Freedom is not only a word, but the independent choices people make throughout their lives without the interference of others. That is why people have the freedom to vote for their own government, choose their own culture and lifestyle. Nobody wants to be a part of society which restricts or stop people from doing what he or she wants. The best part of freedom is that anyone can speak his or her mind, especially regarding any injustice or partiality happening.

The meaning of freedom might be different for every single of us, but the joy and satisfaction we get from it is the same.

By Revaa