Short Paragraph on Gandhi Jayanti

The birth Anniversary of the great freedom fighter Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated each year on the 2nd of October to honour the sacrifice he made for our country. Gandhiji, also known as the father of the nation, played a vital role in the independence of India. This day is counted on the list of National holidays and many schools and colleges organise functions like skits, essay writing, poetry writing, group discussions and many more. People also visit Raj Ghat situated in Delhi where Gandhiji was cremated.

This day is internationally celebrated as the Non-Violence day as throughout his lifespan, Mahatma Gandhi did not even do a single gesture of violence and he believed more in the power of words over physical fights. On this day people can enjoy watching movies based on Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle to get our country Independence. The world still remembers him by his favourite song “Raghupati Raghav” and sing it to honour his memories.

By Revaa