Short Paragraph on Good Eating Habits

 “You are what you eat” is the quote that every random person speak these days, but it is easily said than done. In today’s world when everyone is on the run, staying healthy is not an option, but a mandatory requirement. You can hit the gym or road tracks for hours and hours, but nothing will make you feel fit. Until the time you nourish your body with the food which will keep your engine running.

Trading a bowl of salad for a slice of pizza may sound like a great deal! However the calorie intake you consume from that slice of pizza will bother you for the long run. Whereas eating a bowl of salad will not only fill your tummy, but will also keep you healthy and fit.

The time you start eating healthy, it will directly improve your lifestyle and you will feel more positive towards doing things. Now it is up to you whether you will want a layer of extra cheese or eat healthy!

By Revaa