Short Paragraph on Gratitude Towards Parents:

The basic rule for gratitude is that the more thankful you feel about good things, the more they will come to you. When we talk about parents, there is an endless number of things that they do for us without any expectations. “Charity begins at home” if you really want to be thankful about anything, be thankful for all the things your parents did for you. If you could not think of something, think about all those time when they sacrificed their need for yours. Bought you something even if they have to cut out budget from other things. There is an endless list of things for which you can be grateful to your parents. From sending you to school till feeding you with proper meal every day.

There are times when children refuse to acknowledge the good things their parents do from them, but they do realize it after they have their own kids. It is important that we express our gratitude to the parents through our actions. Even the small gesture can make a huge difference in their day. And the best part about feeling the gratitude is that it will come back to you will greater things. You will not only feel positive about your days but also have an endless amount of joy to share.

By Revaa