Short Paragraph on Green India

Due to the increase in global warming each country is taking proper initiative to save the environment and India is not far behind. The Government of India is continuously asking the citizen to plant more trees and create less waste. The step towards organic farming is another major change through which India is going. The initiative not only decline the use of chemicals but also encourage people to grow their own vegetables.

As we have caused enough damage to the atmosphere, it is time we start planting more trees to stop the greenhouse effects. In the recent years, the Indian government has taken several initiatives to stop the atmosphere depletion.

Green India Mission is a great step towards not only stopping any more damage but also to cure the damage which has already been caused. The mission also focuses on protecting the forest and keeping the areas more greener.

The list of goals from Green India is listed below:

  • To increase the forest area.
  • To grow enough food for everyone.
  • To reduce the effects of carbon emission.

By Revaa