Short Paragraph on Healthy food and Junk food

People often debate over healthy food and junk food but to imply it in your life, you need to understand your necessities. Here are a few pros and cons of healthy food and junk food after which you can decide what you want to eat next.

  • Junk Food is just full of calories and does not provide any nutritional value. On the other hand, healthy food is rich in nutritional value and contains a lot fewer calories.
  • Junk food is costly in comparison to the healthy food.
  • Junk food is tastier in comparison to the healthy food.
  • Junk food is more easily available in comparison to the healthy food due to the high in demand.
  • Junk food can contain harmful ingredients which are not good for health, whereas healthy food is free not any harmful ingredients.
  • Healthy food reduces the risk of diseases and junk food can be a cause of many diseases.
  • Junk food causes obesity and healthy food keeps you fit.

Even though healthy food can be tricky to find at times, but the nutrition you get from them is surely good. Eating vegetables is a far better than the empty calories you consume in junk food. Now it is up to you whether you want to stay fit or keep your taste buds entertained.

By Revaa