Short Paragraph on Hockey

Hockey is among the most popular games played between two teams. Each team has 11 players who play with a stick, which is curved from the bottom. There is a single ball in the field that the players move from their stick to strike a goal of the opposite team.

The game has been played over centuries and it is discovered that the game was even played during the Egyptian era.

If we talk about Indian history, hockey was the national game of India, as the first Centre of Hockey was established in 1885 in Calcutta. With time the diversity of India increased and people moved to other sports. Even if today majority of people prefer cricket over any other sport, hockey has a long story especially during the time when India was governed under the British Empire. This game is the symbol of Independence for many people. In the starting India used to play hockey on Olympics as British India, until the time they finally entered the tournament as team India. Whenever we talk about the history of India, hockey is something which will always be discussed.

By Revaa