Short Essay on Milkman

Milkman is a person who sells or delivers milk or products that are made using milk. A number of times, milkman carries the milk and delivers it to the households. The milk is either delivered as packets or in bottles or cartons. The delivery of the milk mostly occurs during the wee morning hours and some of the milk men also carry various other products along with milk like eggs, bread, and butter and so on.

Milk is till date delivered everyday as many believe that improper refrigeration can spoil the milk. Before when milk bottles were not available, milkmen used to fill the jugs of the customers by using a churn.

Let us now have a look at some of the interesting facts about the Indian milkmen.

  • For those who are not aware, India is known to be the largest producer of milk. Also Indians have a number of ways in which they consume milk.
  • Indian cows are estimated to supply more than 10 million tons of milk each year, which certainly keeps increasing with increasing population.
  • It is very rare in an Indian household to go visit a supermarket to buy milk. Milk is delivered everyday by the milkmen in half liter packets every morning. The call of the milkman is indeed a wake up call in the morning.
  • The job of milkman is much disciplined and yet is unrecognized, very similar to that of the paperboys.
  • Milkmen have gradually disappeared from British societies. It is said that about 40,000 milkmen to deliver milk during 1970s, the count of which reduced to 4,000 in this modern era. Most of them who still use this service are elderly people.
  • Milkmen were also called in a number of communities as the “eyes and the ears of the community.”

Milkmen are punctual and work really hard, so the next time you see one, do not forget to appreciate.

By Maanasi