Short Essay on Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is the annoying noise which can cause harm to the balance as well as the activity of humans or animals. There are various sources of noise pollution and some of them are machines, trains, motor vehicles and even aircrafts. The presence of various industries near to an urban infrastructure can also lead to noise pollution.

The internal noise pollution can be caused due to loud music or the use of machines. If noise pollution is more it can also cause a lot of stress. Noise pollution can also lead to vasoconstriction which in turn causes high blood pressure and various cardiovascular diseases.

It is unknown that noise pollution can also cause a lot of trouble to animals as well. It can at times lead to hearing loss in both humans and animals.

Let us now know more about the ill effects of noise pollution.

  1. Noise pollution not only affects the health of humans, but can also change their behavioral patterns.
  2. Noise pollution can also damage the psychological health of humans. It not only causes stress and hypertension, but can also lead to sleep disturbances.
  3. A lot of noise can also cause breathing troubles, especially in older people and in those suffering from anxiety disorders.
  4. Noise pollution can also lead to a premature child birth. This is one of the reasons why pregnant women are asked to stay away from loud noises. It can cause a lot of trouble to the unborn baby.
  5. Noise pollution can cause insomnia and this usually continues even after the noises have been stopped.
  6. Noise can often lead to stomach problems and also cause acid reflux. It also disturbs digestion.
  7. Loud noises can prove to be fatal for those suffering from heart ailments.

Most of us have experienced noise pollution and know how bad it can be. So, let the change begin from us. Let’s try and prevent noise pollution.

By Maanasi