Uses of Rain – Short Essay

Rain is an excellent source of water for use. A lot of people harvest rainwater through different techniques instead of letting all the water to go to waste. It involves the redirection of the water to a storage unit. For instance, you can install gutters. Once you harvest the water, you can use it for numerous things.

Uses of Rain


Rainwater is not unhealthy when you treat it properly. You can treat the water or boil it, and it will be ready for use. You can drink it or cook with it.


Rainwater can also be great for cleaning. One beauty is that it is naturally soft water. Therefore, it leathers quickly and effortlessly with soap. You can use it for laundry, for cleaning the house, utensils, and even showering.


Rainwater is also perfect for irrigation. Use it to water your house plants, the lawn, your vegetables in the garden, and anything else.

Flushing the toilet

We visit the toilet many times a day. In a large household, this means more water usage. Therefore, you can harvest rainwater for this particular purpose and save some money. You can channel the rain into a storage unit whose pipes run to the toilet or sore it in a drum close to the washroom.

Watering the animals

You can also water wildlife animals, domesticated animals, and pets with it. Animals also consume a lot of water and rainwater will save you some money.


Rain is also an excellent resource for constructing ponds. You will not need to use too much of the piped water in sustaining the pond. You will not incur any extra water bills. Furthermore, it proves to be healthier as it lacks chemicals thus it is pure.

Washing your car and other mechanical equipment

When you need to clean your car, you can also turn to rainwater. It all comes back to saving the money in your account. Other than your car, there is other mechanical equipment that you may need to wash after use; you can comfortably do that as well.

These are some of the uses of rainwater once you harvest it. It is economical and convenient.

By Lorah