How animals should be treated? – Short Paragraph

Animals and Humans have excited together since many centuries, but with time our predator’s instincts have grown so much that we are afraid of each other. Is it okay to beat or kill an animal just because you were feeling scared or want to enjoy hunting? Everyone enjoys visiting a zoo to see the animals, but how often did we make efforts to help an animal. Human species have brain and resources to survive and help other creatures, but many of us would rather be self-indulge rather than helping others, especially animals.

With time animals have proven their loyalty again and again. From being a supporter to a blind man till rescuing people during the emergencies. In return, we humans would appreciate wearing a fur coat made from their skin rather than protecting them. The extinct of many species have forced people to concern for the animals which are there. Even the government has enforced so many laws to protect the animals. There are many domestic animals can you can adopt today, whereas the other animals can spend a good life in the wildlife sanctuaries without the interference of the people.

By Revaa