If I Were A Doctor – Short Essay

Doctors are like Saints because a lot of time our health and our liveliness depends upon them only, if they are unable to perform their duties in the best manner, then we wouldn’t be living a healthy lifestyle too as we would be suffering some kind of disease or the other if the disease isn’t cured in the first instance itself. Being a doctor is a noble profession. If I were a doctor, these are a few points that I would have followed:

  • I would have been doing my best that I can to save a life, and if someone is in some kind of danger that he can’t be saved, I would have told his relatives that he wouldn’t be living more, so no benefit of consulting doctors.
  • I would have been performing my duties in the morning, and in the evening I would perform my duties for people who are not having enough money to consult doctors.
  • I would have tried to tie up with an organization who takes care of old aged, handicapped and orphans but who can’t take care of the health of those people. I will try to provide them with medicines which are necessary to be required for emergency and try to provide them good food as well by making some donation, but as a doctor I wouldn’t let them die of a disease when they have met me when the disease can be cured but is not getting cured due to lack of money.
  • I would have helped my relatives and my family people for having a better and a healthy lifestyle by providing them knowledge about better nutritional meals.
  • I would have taken a pledge that I wouldn’t take advantage of anyone’s problems, and thus I wouldn’t ask for my fees or any kind of money or in simple words, I would treat a patient if I know he is going to die in some time.

These would include a few responsibilities that I would take when I become a doctor after all the hard work of becoming a doctor is done by me.

By Vishakha