If I Were A Millionaire – Short Essay

There are lots of millionaires around the world many of them are very kind like Ratan Tata, but a lot of them are of very cruel nature. If I were a millionaire, I would have made sure that nobody in our nation is suffering from poverty as if I am having and earning money which is of my no use, I should give to the person who is willing to earn more money and suffering as a poor person. Here is what I would have done if I were a millionaire:

  • I would have built a factory or an organization which would have been helpful to recruit people who are not much educated, and due to being illiterate, they are forced to beg for money. All these people would have been paid according to the type of work he will be doing.
  • I would have built a technical and communication skills center for such people, and I would have tried to enhance their technical skills as well as communication skills by which they would have been getting good jobs in other companies or factories as well.
  • I would have donated a lot of money to the people of old aged homes or people living in orphanages as I can see that the condition of these places is not up to the mark and people living here are not getting good quality food and resources.
  • If possible, I would have opened a foundation where all the handicapped, poor, orphans and old aged people would have been kept, and good quality food and clothes would have been my responsibility.
  • Being a millionaire is not easy, but if were a millionaire, I would have donated a lot of money for our soldiers and their families as well that are giving their lives for our security.

These were a few things that I would have done that I were a billionaire and would have tried to experience a better nation.

By Vishakha